2018-2020 | Ten Years 2008-2018 Museo Hermann Nitsch

Ten years 2008-2018 Museo Hermann Nitsch curated by Giuseppe Morra exhibition 2018-2020

79.malaktion june-july 2018, schloss prinzendorf
152.aktion 8.10.2017 casa morra archivi d’arte contemporanea, naples
77.malaktion 8.10.2017, casa morra archivi d’arte contemporanea, naples
2015 homage to Alberto Burri, fondazione palazzo albizzini città di castello
140.aktion 21.09.2013 lehraktion abc art berlin contemporary, berlin
135.aktion 14.05.2012 dionysos versus the crucified (part 1) isa university 11.biennale havana, cuba
130.aktion 23.05.2010 pfingstfest – feast of pentecost, museo nitsch and vigna san martino, naples
54.malaktion august 2008 museo nitsch, naples
96.aktion 26.05.1996 pfingstfest – feast of pentecost, vigna san martino, naples
47.aktion 18-20.10.1974 kunstmesse stand studio morra, düsseldorf
45.aktion 10.04.1974 studio morra, naples
die eroberung von jerusalem
essences, flavours, and colours laboratory of the o. m. theater
photographs 152.aktion 8.10.2017 casa morra archivi d’arte contemporanea, naples
photographs 130.aktion 23.05.2010 pfingstfest- feast of pentecost, museo nitsch and vigna san martino, naples
photographs of aktions 1962-1966
terrace of perfumes and colours
staircase vico II avvocata

“i had long wished to do a lehraktion in naples with only fish and seafood (e.g., octopus, tuna, mullet, squid, mullet) on the tables. a feast of life and death that revealed itself to me in the large fish markets of the seaside city”. Hermann Nitsch

This desire, fulfilled by Nitsch since the time of his 130.aktion, not only reveals the profound reasons behind the demonstration-action with which he chose to open the celebrations for the tenth anniversary of the Neapolitan museum dedicated to him but appears once again in more general terms in the new installation, Ten years 2008-2018.
The most substantial core of the works selected for the two-year period from 2018 to 2020 consists of the relicts from the 2017 152.aktion directed by the Austrian maestro in the courtyard of Casa Morra during the exhibition I Giganti dell’arte dal teatro (The Giants of Art from the Theatre) – with works by Shimamoto, materials and concepts from the Living Theatre, and relicts from the Orgien Mysterien Theater – coinciding with the second year of the Cento anni di mostre/Il gioco dell’oca (100 years of exhibitions/The snakes and ladders game) project
The 152.aktion featured a combination of the crucifixion ritual with the 77.malaktion, a pictorial action that produced the three large red canvases displayed in the central hall. At its centre, nine tables – ceremonially enriched with flasks, surgical instruments, pigments, tissues, white sugar, images and sacred vestments – are displayed as they were arranged in the original action.
Two additions to the building extend the visit: the terrazza dei profumi e dei colori (terrace of perfumes and colours) and the restored staircase in Vico II Avvocata, next to the Church of Santa Maria Avvocata, which connects the Museo Nitsch to Piazza Dante.