das Gesamtkunstwerk des Orgien Mysterien Theaters

das Gesamtkunstwerk des Orgien Mysterien Theaters
verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

Saturday 28th November 2015 h. 6.00 pm
Museo Nitsch vico lungo Pontecorvo 29/d – Napoli

Hermann Nitsch
Massimo Fusillo Sinestesia e sinergia dei sensi
Lorenzo Mango Un concetto unitario declinato al plurale
Michael Karrer
Julia Kuon

Doris Riegelnegg

A monography of the O. M. Theater that expresses the fundamental elements of philosophic-artistic theory and practice of Master Hermann Nitsch. Since the 1957, Nitsch begins to write the grammar of the Orgien Mysterien Theater, a complex form of total art work / gesamtkunstwerk based on the BEING and on a sensual experience of real events (aktion) experienced through the senses, possibly in synergy.

«…through my artistic production (a form of the mystique of being), I take upon myself the apparently negative, unsavoury, perverse, obscene, lustful, and the consequent hysteria of the sacrifice, so that YOU ARE spared the degrading, unashamed descent into the extreme. I am the expression of all creation. I have merged into it and identified myself with it. all torment and lust, combined in a single state of heady alienation, will pervade me and therefore YOU.

(…) the O. M. Theater has nothing to do with the generally accepted form of theatre. I want to put together for the world its deeper FESTIVAL (FESTIVAL of jubilation, a world FESTIVAL, the liturgical realization of the FEAST of life) and claim a consciousness of our innermost religious symbols. by means of the theatre, the conceived sanctification of art is made manifest. for the first time in the course of history, a constructed, ritual FESTIVAL arises with the help of the laws of depth- and mass-psychology. the being creates a purification and abreaction ceremony…»

Hermann Nitsch Orgien Mysterien Theater 1962

A beguiling apparatus of thoughts, icons and sounds, Hermann Nitsch’s das Gesamtkunstwerk des Orgien Mysterien Theaters flies obliquely on the O. M. Theater, revealing its topics, from theory to artistic and philosophic practice, from internal mechanisms to linguistic and aesthetic potentialities.
This expansive book offers the chance to come close to Hermann Nitsch code through the essence of his theoretical-philosophic writings that, with the refined chronological and critical visualization of the actions, the abreaction practices of the painting actions (malaktion), and the significant theatrical and musical creations, compose the extraordinary score of Nitsch’s ideal universe and its flexible symmetries, exposed in all their power.
The book is also enriched by a selection of theoretical essays, among which Rudi Fuchs, Peter Gorsen, Lóránd Hegyi, Lorenzo Mango, Wieland Schmied.

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